Plant Care Tips

  1. Fill soil in plant part, water the soil, bury seeds. Everyday water about 5-10 ml till germination.
    • For big seeds like beans, bitter gourd, etc. dig 1cm pit, bury the seed, cover it with soil.
    • For flat/small seeds like tomatoes, chilly, brinjal, etc. dig a 0.25cm pit, bury the seeds, cover with soil.
  2. Water needs
    • small plants: 5-10 ml
    • big plants: 50ml
  3. Don’t forget to pour more water in summer! (plants also get thirsty )
  4. At the Flowering stage, add 2tsp of NPK fertilizers for more yield.
  5. To avoid pests, use the mixture of chilly paste, garlic paste, pepper diluted and spray it with neem oil/shampoo.
  6. For summer, build a greenhouse in order to reduce heat and to keep plants green.

Easy and lazy way to grow plants and eliminate all organic waste at the source!

No more separate composting step! No smell.

The earth belongs to plants, humans & animals which depend on plants.