Benefits of Ecopots

Ecopot garbage garden can give you:

  • Food, happiness, clean air, more O2 (alert and fresh mind)
  • Saves cost on vegetables. Ecopot vegetables are chemical free!
  • Free O2 generated: 300 leaves  of 30 plants*5ml/ hr of each leafO2 generation for 8hrs/day sunshine*300 days = 3600 liters/ year!
  • More leaves, more O2, less CO2
  • Vegetables (chemical free healthy) harvested: 3 crops, 30 plants can give 30-50 kg/ year depending on plant type, seed quality. Plants need sun, water manure from your wastes!
  • Carbon trapping: plants remove CO, VOCs, reduce air pollution!
  • Gardening is a stress buster, reducing BP too!

If all of us have an Ecopot garden we can grow tons of vegetables, add O2, reduce CO2, stay healthy and make our cities garbage free! We all have the opportunity to create clean air, healthy, with fewer diseases too.more money saved!

ecopot tomato
Healthy vegetables from home wastes

Swachh Bharat wants to eliminate organic wastes from our streets&landfills! If we use all home organics in Ecopots & recycle plastics, paper, metal we can reduce garbage loads by 70-80%! No more landfill fires, diseases!

A green healthy world for your kids &future generations.

7 billion humans need more food, clean air! Why not start a garbage garden to increase vegetables, purify air, reduce waste loads&be happy too. A green roof is a cool building too. Green rooftops cool air and can bring more rains if all of our roofs are green, not brown!

Grow a garden, green your home & city!