Ecopots is a bioactive pot with a separator having many root holes with plant and waste chambers. The pot can decompose the organic wastes to manure fast &  feed the roots of plants for good yields. It is composter & planter combined! We eliminate composting step, time, cost, labor!


Humans have been composting for 1000s of years! Why not eliminate this in the 21st century? No separate composting step is zero labor and zero cost!

ecopots growth

So simple, even kids can do it!

Only a few minutes in evening needed to dump wastes, soil cover & water plant side.

No smell, No turning of wastes!

In a few days, the waste levels reduce and its ready for next round of composting.

Old plants can be used up as manure for next crop! Grow vegetables for that season, culture, soil.

Ecopots can use up veg, nonveg, dry or wet organic wastes in the waste part to make manure for plants faster!

Use a series of pots in balconies or any sunny area for all year vegetable supply.

  • Lazy low labor, kids can do it
  • Eliminate composting step
  • Ecopot all your organic wastes;  build health, happiness, clean air!
  • Want garbage mountains or eliminate @ home and reduce landfills?
  • Grow a garbage garden and feed home &nation
  • Chemical-free vegetables is fewer food cancers
  • The rooftop garden is cool homes, cities & more rains too!

Download How-to-use Guide