Earth is facing a huge climate change crisis. We load 40 billion tons of CO2 from fossil fuels/year. This is 30 billion tons of Oxygen/year. This is 16000 cube km O2 lost every year. At this rate, Oxygen depletion may cut earth’s human & animal lives into extinction faster than dinosaur extinction.

Plants alone convert CO2 to O2, remove air dust, VOCs too reducing air pollution. Earth needs more plant & trees cover! This is a time for all to grow more plants, more so in cities to initiate a better O2 rich clean air! We need 2-3 Earths for survival soon, not possible!

With you, we can solve. We create simple green solutions. We have solved organic wastes that create mountains in our towns. These wastes are nutrients loaded–nutrient for new plants. Composting is slow and takes months! We want to disrupt: grow vegetables direct from organic wastes! No more separate composting steps!

We can all use our wastes to get vegetables (nutrition& health), get more Oxygen, less air pollution-what our cities need. Ecopot garbage garden can pay for itself in 2 years!

Ecopots has DST LM, CIPET, innovation awards. It is Swachh Bharat listed technology (Refer: Proven Technologies #15).  We are offering the next new improved Ecopots now.

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Winner Plasticon 2018

Award for Innovation in Green Technology (Conservation of Energy, Green Material and Ecology)